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Editor & Publisher: ‘Paywall’ to ‘Membership’ will require a massive culture shift for newspapers” by Matt DeRienzo

Editor & Publisher: Local sports coverage needs to adapt to the modern newsroom” by Matt DeRienzo

Editor & Publisher: The newspaper industry’s recruitment challenge” by Matt DeRienzo

Editor & Publisher: The audience is your lifeline” by Matt DeRienzo

Medium: A diverse local news ecosystem is emerging, and it doesn’t need ‘scale’ or venture capital” by Matt DeRienzo

Poynter: Journalism companies are dead. Long live journalists” by Matt DeRienzo

Newsroom Leadership

Poynter: Six questions about local independent news with LION’s Matt DeRienzo” by Kristen Hare

LION hires DeRienzo to expand leadership in local publishing

New Haven Independent: Digital First helmsman leaving the Register” By Paul Bass

Media Nation: Matt DeRienzo has left the building” By Dan Kennedy

Nieman Lab:Newsrooms need HR specialists, not just technologists, in top leadership” By Matt DeRienzo

The Buttry Diary: “Happy trails to Matt DeRienzo, a true digital first leader” By Steve Buttry

CTNewsJunkie: Paywall could diminish Hartford Courant’s watchdog role” By Matt DeRienzo

Nieman Lab: In a rush to maintain profits, newspapers are abandoning the art of customer service” By Matt DeRienzo

Huffington Post: The view from New Haven: What went wrong with Digital First” By Dan Kennedy

Poynter: How many top newspaper editors are from digital backgrounds? Still darn few” By Rick Edmonds

Knight Digital Media Center: When digital innovation is paramount, what does a publisher need from the newsroom?” By Michelle McLellan

NetNewsCheck: At Digital First, what ‘unbolting’ really means” By Michael Depp

Poynter: Plagiarism may be part of ‘weeding out’ at Journal Register” By Craig Silverman

Newsroom Diversity

APME: Michael Days, New Haven Register selected as McGruder Award winners

New Haven Register: Register’s award for diversity leadership a sign of change” By Shahid Abdul-Karim

Maynard Institute: Calling B.S. on excuses for failing on newsroom diversity” By Richard Prince

Open Journalism, Engagement and the Newsroom Cafe

New York Times: Walk in, grab a muffin and watch a newspaper reinvent itself” By Peter Applebome

The Register Citizen: “What the Newsroom Cafe has taught us about improving local journalism” By Matt DeRienzo “How a newsroom cafe helped boost digital ad revenue at The Register Citizen” By Rachel McAthy

American Journalism Review: Wooing them with coffee: A newspaper tries to get closer to its audience with a news cafe” By Romy Zipken

Reynolds Journalism Institute: Inside the engagement experiments at The Register Citizen” By Joy Mayer

Nieman Reports: Everyone’s welcome at the Newsroom Cafe” By Emily Olson

The Associated Press: Open Connecticut newsroom earns APME innovation award” By Michael Melia

Society of Professional Journalists: Traditional media and citizen journalism: Time to curate, collaborate” By Matt DeRienzo

Columbia Journalism Review: A fact check box on every page” By Craig Silverman

Knight Digital Media Center: Journalism and curation: A small-town news organization leads the way” By Michelle McLellan

Enterprise Reporting and Breaking News

Inside Thunderdome: Sandy Hook coverage shows scope of Digital First teamwork” By Steve Buttry

Digital Man: Investing in investigative” By Jim Brady

CNBC: Rape case unfolds on Twitter and divides a town” By Mary Noonan

Columbia Journalism Review: The trouble with Torrington: A small-town paper calls out minors who bully a rape victim online. Is that fair game?” By Mariah Blake

Poynter: Why asking and answering readers’ tough questions is helpful when covering rape” By Mallory Tenore

Inside Thunderdome: Register Citizen wins public service award for coverage, commentary on rape/bullying case” By Steve Buttry

The Buttry Diary: Sunshine Week project showed digital-first enterprise approach” By Steve Buttry

The Buttry Diary: Tom Cleary explains DFM’s Connecticut breaking news team” By Steve Buttry

From Matt DeRienzo’s Connecticut Newsroom blog –

Connecticut police move toward transparency after Sunshine Week investigation

Ask the Register offers readers direct access to editors

Why we ran that photo of a New Haven man posing with stolen gun

We’re making poverty a full-time reporting beat

No, Republican-American, rape is not a ‘tryst‘”

Media needs better language for statutory rape

Why The Register Citizen exposed the identities of student bullies

Missing in Connecticut: Investigations editor focuses on police dysfunction and indifference

The limitations of our 97 percent white newsroom

Community engagement can reveal big gap in newsroom, audience perceptions

Corrections, fact checking and accountability: Our new approach

Why there’ll be no more ‘illegal aliens’ in our stories

Hurricane coverage in the new news ecology

Newsrooms join forces to prepare for Hurricane Irene

A small-town paper calls out minors who bully a rape victim online. Is that fair game? – See more at:

One thought on “In the News

  1. Matt

    Just read about your leaving DFM. Would like to meet if you’d be interested. My company is a next Gen journalism venture. Your talent would fit well with our group.


    Terry Kelliher


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