Partnerships must replace AP for certain news coverage

The Associated Press long ago stopped doing a good job providing coverage of state government.

And over the past five to 10 years, newspapers have also scaled way back or eliminated Statehouse coverage completely.
And even the state government coverage that is provided by Associated Press member newspapers doesn’t get picked up by the AP like it used to, under a shift in philosophy that I still can’t figure out over the past few years. The Associated Press just doesn’t rewrite and move that much stuff anymore from its members. It focuses instead on its own staff-written stuff, which is less and less, at least when it comes to “local” and “state” coverage. There are fewer local AP bureaus, there are fewer reporters and photographers in the remaining AP bureaus, and those local bureaus are increasingly managed by someone far away. For example, a few years back the Connecticut bureau was put under the leadership of someone working out of Boston.
But who needs the AP for this stuff anyway?
We have the opportunity to provide better coverage than the AP ever provided of the Statehouse and statewide topics through possible partnerships with entrepreneurial and experimental online news organizations such as CT Mirror and CT News Junkie.
I can see newspapers like mine exchanging news feeds with these types of providers and re-purposing some of that content in print in exchange for cross-promotion of their brand.
Why not?

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