Our biggest critics are our best friends

Similar to Jeff Jarvis’ contention in “What Would Google Do?” that “your worst customer is your best friend,” the company that I work for is in a position right now to receive the most help and insight from the people who hate it the most.

Recently I wrote about how my newspaper was planning to eliminate the staff photographer position as we know it, converting the two full-time slots that were devoted to still photography into “mobile journalist” positions that report news, take photos and shoot video on a schedule more attuned to demand for digital information than print edition page deadlines.
I knew it would be a provocative position to take. And I wasn’t surprised to receive criticism from folks who’ve put their heart and soul into the career of newspaper photographer.
It opened the door to some harsh criticism about Journal Register Co. itself and the way that has treated my newspaper and the community that it serves since acquiring The Register Citizen about 17 years ago.
What might surprise some is that, from our new CEO (check out his refreshing response to the criticism logged on this blog here) on down, the message is, bring it on!
Tell us what you think is wrong, and if you are willing, your ideas on how we should change to not only fix mistakes of the past, but get out in front of the changes in what our readers and advertisers need.

One thought on “Our biggest critics are our best friends

  1. Gutsy. But will people give constructive criticism? Hope they do. I think you might find the harshest critics are those who don't really have anything constructive to say. The constructive critics aren't really harsh, it's just hard to accept what they have to say.And beware of trolls!


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