Join me in working for the new JRC

There’s considerable excitement about where Journal Register Company is headed in its quest to transform from a traditional newspaper company to a multimedia local news company.

Just see CEO John Paton’s blog – not his posts, which are great, of course, but the comments that are being made by employees in response.
Well, here’s an opportunity for you or someone you know.
Come join us.
At my newspaper in Northwest Connecticut, we are looking for a managing editor. It’s the number two position in a newsroom of 17 people.
We’ve made the leap into digital-first reporting, and in using social media to engage our readers in the process.
We’re set to embark on a comprehensive, town-by-town hyperlocal strategy that seeks to partner with existing and empower new citizen journalists.
We have a very long way to go. Our new managing editor will be a huge part in getting us there. Change agents welcome, and non-“print” background applicants are encouraged.
Email Editor Jordan Fenster at

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