An engaged editorial page

New Haven Register Editor Jack Kramer has extended Journal Register Co.’s “digital first” philosophy to the paper’s editorial pages.

He is now posting the Register’s editorials to the paper’s Web site first, encouraging readers to comment and interact with the paper’s opinion writers, and then running a summary of reader reaction and commentary with the editorial by the time it hits print.
Especially for smaller papers, who don’t have a team of editorial writers researching and vetting a newspaper’s positions on any given topic, what a great way to step up and say, we want you to challenge us on this from the beginning of the process.
And hey, we might even listen to you, and change our opinion, add context to the debate with your help, or use better facts to back up what we are saying.
It’s the tip of the iceberg, but a great start down the path of a radically remaking of the traditional newspaper editorial and op-ed pages.

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