In the News

Medium: A diverse local news ecosystem is emerging, and it doesn’t need ‘scale’ or venture capital” by Matt DeRienzo

Poynter: Journalism companies are dead. Long live journalists” by Matt DeRienzo

Poynter: Six questions about local independent news with LION’s Matt DeRienzo” by Kristen Hare

LION hires DeRienzo to expand leadership in local publishing

New Haven Independent: Digital First helmsman leaving the Register” By Paul Bass

Media Nation: Matt DeRienzo has left the building” By Dan Kennedy

Nieman Lab:Newsrooms need HR specialists, not just technologists, in top leadership” By Matt DeRienzo

The Buttry Diary: “Happy trails to Matt DeRienzo, a true digital first leader” By Steve Buttry

Nieman Lab: In a rush to maintain profits, newspapers are abandoning the art of customer service” By Matt DeRienzo

Huffington Post: The view from New Haven: What went wrong with Digital First” By Dan Kennedy

Poynter: How many top newspaper editors are from digital backgrounds? Still darn few” By Rick Edmonds

Knight Digital Media Center: When digital innovation is paramount, what does a publisher need from the newsroom?” By Michelle McLellan

NetNewsCheck: At Digital First, what ‘unbolting’ really means” By Michael Depp

Poynter: Plagiarism may be part of ‘weeding out’ at Journal Register” By Craig Silverman

Enterprise and Investigative Journalism

Inside Thunderdome: Sandy Hook coverage shows scope of Digital First teamwork” By Steve Buttry

Digital Man: Investing in investigative” By Jim Brady

CNBC: Rape case unfolds on Twitter and divides a town” By Mary Noonan

Columbia Journalism Review: The trouble with Torrington: A small-town paper calls out minors who bully a rape victim online. Is that fair game?” By Mariah Blake

Poynter: Why asking and answering readers’ tough questions is helpful when covering rape” By Mallory Tenore

Inside Thunderdome: Register Citizen wins public service award for coverage, commentary on rape/bullying case” By Steve Buttry

The Buttry Diary: Sunshine Week project showed digital-first enterprise approach” By Steve Buttry

Reader Engagement, Transparency and Trust

New York Times: Walk in, grab a muffin and watch a newspaper reinvent itself” By Peter Applebome

The Register Citizen: “What the Newsroom Cafe has taught us about improving local journalism” By Matt DeRienzo “How a newsroom cafe helped boost digital ad revenue at The Register Citizen” By Rachel McAthy

American Journalism Review: Wooing them with coffee: A newspaper tries to get closer to its audience with a news cafe” By Romy Zipken

Reynolds Journalism Institute: Inside the engagement experiments at The Register Citizen” By Joy Mayer

Nieman Reports: Everyone’s welcome at the Newsroom Cafe” By Emily Olson

The Associated Press: Open Connecticut newsroom earns APME innovation award” By Michael Melia

Society of Professional Journalists: Traditional media and citizen journalism: Time to curate, collaborate” By Matt DeRienzo

Columbia Journalism Review: A fact check box on every page” By Craig Silverman

Knight Digital Media Center: Journalism and curation: A small-town news organization leads the way” By Michelle McLellan

Newsroom Diversity

APME: Michael Days, New Haven Register selected as McGruder Award winners

New Haven Register: Register’s award for diversity leadership a sign of change” By Shahid Abdul-Karim

Maynard Institute: Calling B.S. on excuses for failing on newsroom diversity” By Richard Prince

A small-town paper calls out minors who bully a rape victim online. Is that fair game? – See more at:

One thought on “In the News

  1. Matt

    Just read about your leaving DFM. Would like to meet if you’d be interested. My company is a next Gen journalism venture. Your talent would fit well with our group.


    Terry Kelliher


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